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Canada's Drapery Lining and Drapery Workroom Supplier

Bourne Mills offers: Drapery Linings, Dimouts & Blackouts, Interlinings, Percale Sheeting's, Sheers & Voiles, Shower Liner, Cubicle Fabrics, Cubicle Mesh, Contract Fabrics, CAN/ULC S109 & NFPA 701 Fabrics, Velcro's, Heading Tapes, Drapery Hardware, Workroom supplies and more!  
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We offer the widest array of drapery linings, blackouts, interlinings, voiles, FR Fabrics, Workroom supplies and Percale Sheetings in the market place.

With the largest selection of drapery linings available in the marketplace, we can make sure to protect your clients drapery investment.  We carry a wide range of fabrics sourced from around the world (including Canada, China, Israel, Pakistan, USA, the UK, to name a few).

Bourne Mills does not just stop at Linings, we carry everything from FR fabrics (NFPA 701 and CANULC S109 to workroom supplies.

Drapery Linings
108" Percale Sheeting
Thermosoft 3 Pass Blackout
Pin on Hooks on Stick
118" Organza FR in White


Bourne Mills Samples
Workroom Supplies

We travel the world to source our drapery linings, and drapery workroom products.  By choosing to work with Bourne Mills of Canada you will get the largest  selection of drapery linings and drapery products you need right when you need them. Let us know what type of look, feel or application you are going for, and we will give you a few choices to work with in a variety of styles, qualities and prices.  Bourne Mills is committed to helping you and your clients achieve the best looking and performing window treatments possible.  Remember we might be best known for Drapery Linings, but we also offer a plethora of products including Blackout linings, Interlinings, Combo Linings, Sheers, Contract Fabrics, Percale Sheeting's, Workroom supplies and much more.

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Hours of Operation and Warehouse Location: 

Please note we close 2pm on Fridays in the summer.  All orders placed before 1pm will be shipped same day

Open: Monday-Friday

Our Address

200 Connie Crescent, #17

Concord, Ontario

L4K 1M1

Call or Fax
Tel: (905) 738-4440

Toll Free: 1-800-268-1297

Fax: (905) 738-1513

Toll Free Fax: 1-800-268-1264

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